Do you think it’s possible to live life without plastic?

Plastic is found in virtually everything these days. Your food and hygiene products are packaged in it. Your car, phone and computer are made from it. And you might even chew on it daily in the form of gum. While most plastics are touted as recyclable, the reality is that they’re “downcycled.” A plastic milk … Continued

Svalbard Expedition Coming up!

Save The Ocean Expedition Svalbard Coming up! 11-17 May 2017   During 2017 The Perfect World will focus alittle extra on everything conserning our Oceans, with loads of exiting happenings and events throughout the year and ofcourse the year will end with “The Ocean Ball” in September 2017, in Gothenbourg, Sweden where amazing Dr. Sylvia … Continued

How can we save sharks?

Sharks worldwide are in trouble! Big trouble, and they desperatley need our help. Well, not only are sharks some of the most beautiful and misunderstood creatures on the planet, but they are incredibly important to the global ecosystem. Shark teeth are used to make necklaces; Cartilage is used to make fertilizers; Skin is used to … Continued

Once Africa, Always Africa!

If you ask me a few places in the world evoke such strong Africa associations as Kenya does. From the lush, palm fringed ocean coastline of the Indian Ocean to the hot, wild deserts. Kenya is truly a travelers dream come true. But I guess Im not the only one! Meet Lucy, also an Africa … Continued

Choose Eco- Friendly Straws!

Over the past quarter century, plastic straws have routinely been one of the top 10 items found on beaches around the world. And not only do plastic straws either end up in our landfills or waterways, the plastic itself is a problem. Plastic does not biodegrade, it photodegrades, which means it breaks down into smaller … Continued

Make a difference – Buy a Humble Brush.

Why buy a Humble Brush?! Did you know that more than two billion plastic toothbrushes end up in landfills, every year!   h I belive by choosing a different alternative than regular plastic toothbrushes, we will make a greather inpact on the environment. I randomly found this Humble Brush in a store in Sälen and … Continued

Earth Hour

Earth Hour! Join us and millions of people around the world, today Saturday 19 March 2016, to highlight the urgent need to address climate change! Take initiative and encourage your family and friends to switch off their lights for Earth Hour at 8.30 and make a commitment to an action that benefits the planet beyond … Continued

Get to know your seafood!

Eating fish is a smart choice. It’s a lean protein with great health benefits. But sometimes fish can be bad for you, and sometimes it’s bad for the environment. Seafood can be contaminated with high amounts of mercury and PCBs, causing ill health effects. And many varieties of seafood have been overfished or caught in ways that … Continued

Dr. Sylvia Earlie: Now is the time to act: “Quite simply, no ocean, no life. No blue, no green!

Researchers announced this month that a massive global bleaching is causing the ocean to reach unusually high temperatures! A stress response that often causes corals to starve, sicken and die! What is bleaching and why does it matter? Bleaching occurs when corals become stressed, commonly from elevated sea temperatures. This stress response leads corals to expel … Continued