How can we save sharks?

Sharks worldwide are in trouble! Big trouble, and they desperatley need our help. Well, not only are sharks some of the most beautiful and misunderstood creatures on the planet, but they are incredibly important to the global ecosystem.


Shark teeth are used to make necklaces;
Cartilage is used to make fertilizers;
Skin is used to make leather;
Liver is used to make face cream, sap, and fuel;
and fins are used to make soup!


Approximately 100 million sharks are killed every year! And the mass killing of sharks creates a negative, cascading effect in the global environment.

Why Do we need Sharks!
Sharks play a very important role in marine communities and help maintain the delicate balance of life! Many species sit at the top of the food chain, keeping other marine animal populations in check. Some sharks feed on the sick and weak, which helps prey populations to stay healthy—many of which are also commercially important fish species.


We often forget that salt water oceans make up more than 70% of the Earth! While humans are at the top of the ecosystem on land, Sharks are the kings of the Ocean. When the most important species of the majority of the worlds ecosystem is in trouble, everyone is in trouble!


How do we save sharks?
If you truly want to help save the shark population, there’s a very easy thing you can do.
Talk about them. That’s it! Talk about the sharks impact or share texts like this on places like Facebook, bring it up in conversation with friends or family, make positive comments on news stories about sharks, and find other simple ways to spread the knowledge.

Become a member and support an organization that is working for helping saving the sharks:


Go on a shark vaccation and learn more about sharks. I really believe the key thing that people should do is spend more time by, on or in the sea because that way they can begin to understand why it is so special and why marine conservation is so important. It makes the job of anyone involved that much easier because once someone has experienced how special our sea is, they will think twice about dropping litter on the beach or flushing plastic cotton buds down the toilet:

It’s not that people don’t care about sharks. As a whole, people do care about nature and our impact on the planet. The main issue is that people don’t realize the importance (or beauty) of sharks in our fragile ecosystem. All you have to do is help to raise awareness!

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