Every year, millions of people makes New Years Resolutions.

You’ve probably recognize them all, be honest: stress less, learn something new, lose weight, quit smoking, eat healthier, spend more time with the family and friends, help others, drink less, travel more, taking up exercise … the list goes on… But spending 30 minutes on an elliptical doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, right? Why not turn to scuba diving instead?

Scuba diving is a great form of exercise. It keeps you active and invigorated, it relieves stress and boosts your overall well-being.

Less Stress
The title of Cousteau’s most famous film, The Silent World, says it all. Your body is weightless, you breathe slowly in and out, and your worries disappear beneath the waves.

Lose Weight
An average shore dive can burn 600 calories
per hour, about the same as jogging. Warm-water boat dives burn, on average 300 calories per hour, the equivalent to a brisk walk, so sing up with your local dive club instead of a gym.

By learning something new
Well, its always good to challenge yourself and try something new each year. So why not become a better buddy in the PADI Rescue Diver, Cave Diving, Wreck Diving etc.. you can always improve and learn new skills

Drink less
Stop having drinks the night before a dive. Diving hungover is one of the leading causes of DCI. Drink AFTER the dive, not before.

Travel more
Scuba Diving is a great excuse to visit places most people have never heard of – or would never expect you could dive.

Spend more time with the family and your friends
One of the amazing benefits of being is a scuba diver is that you get to meet new friends from all over the world. It’s easy, however, to get stuck in a rut and continue to plan trips with the same group of people. This year, find a new dive buddy to learn from and share experiences with. Or take your whole family diving this year to share with them one of your favorite pastimes.

Help Others
If you’re not into the tourist scene, consider a volunteer vacation. For example vivist https://www.volunteertravels.com/  and see what destinations might interest you. If  you love the ocean, why not make this years  resolution to learn more about marine conservation, clean up a beach, restroll coral reefs and protect the underwater world.

As for us divers, every year its the same New Year’s Resolutions, dont u agree?… :)

  1. I will stop taking so many underwater selfies.
  2. I will not have any drinks the night before a dive.
  3. I will learn a new skill. Maybe underwater photography….
  4. I will stop peeing in my wetsuit when my buddy is swimming under me.
  5. I will stop calling freedivers “snorkelers” behind their back.
  6. I’ll stop referring to the beginners on the boat as “chum.”
  7. I will stop exaggerating the size of that whale shark I saw that one time (EVEN THOUGH IT WAS HUGE).
  8. I will finally edit all of my underwater video footage.
  9. I will find a new dive buddy — but forever love my old one.
  10. I will update my equipment.
  11. I will finally start saving for my dream dive destination.
  12. I will join a local diving club.
  13. I will encourage my family to dive.
  14. I will get another certification: Nitrox, Cave Diving, Wreck Diving….
  15. I will practice my emergency skills at least twice this year.
  16. I will ACTUALLY take that refresher course this year.
  17. I will not laugh every time somebody on a dive boat uses the words “safety sausage” or “offgas”.
  18. I will come back in the same dive boat I left in.


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