The Whale Shark Research Project in Baja California, Mexico..

Support or get involved in Research Projects! Another fun and different way of getting involved and helping sharks is to go on a ”shark vacation” Learn more about marine conservation, the impacts of sharks and why sharks play a important role in marine communities. It’s a life time experience so take the chance to make … Continued

Bali, the two sites of an island and its pollution.

Bali, as we know it, is a famous destination for travellers from all around the world. The tourists are a wide variety from surfers to backpackers or families who choose Bali as a holiday destination. Through its perfect climate its the perfect destination to spend your holiday right on the beach and use the ocean … Continued

Shark Week, 2015

Shark Week will kick off this year on July 5 – Wohooo! Earlier than ever before! “Summer of the Sharks” hdj Shark Week is television. Television is always going to inspire some people and piss others off! So enough nonsence about Shark weeks criticism! Shark Week educates people about the most misunderstood animals on our … Continued