Learn Scuba Diving

Yes, it’s that time of the year again, friends. Making your New Years resolutions. You’ve probably recognize them all right, be honest?! Stress less, Learn something new, Lose weight, Quit smoking, Eat healthier, Spend more time with the family and friends, Help others, Drink less, Travel more, taking up exercise … the list goes on… … Continued


I belive by choosing a different alternative than regular plastic, it will dramatically decrease the amount of plastic waste that we generate. We can’t change our consumption based economy, but we can certainly change the resources we use and the way we manufacture our products! h How big is our plastic problem? Plastic is found … Continued

Help raise money for Save The Ocean!

Please share The Perfect Worlds AUCTION site and help raise money to the campaign Save The Ocean! http://theperfectworldfoundation.org/auction/ WHY SAVE THE OCEAN? The oceans are the largest ecosystems on Earth, which means they are the Earth’s largest life support systems. People need air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, new medicines, a climate … Continued

Recycled Plastic is the perfect alternative to wood

You do realize the massive impact we human beings have on the trash and plastic floating around in our oceans today?! An estimated 80% of the plastic trash in the ocean comes from people on land – carried out to the ocean by rivers, streams, and the wind. Killing thousands of marine animals like sea … Continued

Sharks The Kings of The Oceans!

Shark Awareness Day 14th of July Did you know? More than 450 types of sharks exist in the world today and thousands of shark species have come and gone over the course of millions of years! Sharks are without a doubt one of the oldest creatures this planet has ever known. In fact, they evolved … Continued

World Turtle Day 23d of May!

Today the 23d of May is World Turtle Day.                         h Turtles are among the few species to have lived throughout the evolution and extinction of dinosaurs and have been swimming in our oceans for more than 100 million years. Turtles play a crucial … Continued

How does climate change affect the oceans?!

Earth Hour began in Sydney, Australia – in 2007 and has since then grown into a global movement with hundreds of millions of people across every continent switching off their lights for earth hour, creating history as the world’s biggest annual environmental event. By taking part in this global event your actions will benefit the … Continued

Reduce your Wast as Much as Possible

In Berlin, The Germans have created a store with eco-conscious customers in mind. The concept  was developed by the new company, Original Unverpackt (Original Unpackaged). OU’s  idea is super simple! – Reduce the waste as much as possible! They stook the shelves using a bulk bin system with an assortment of fruits, vegetables and grains. (Even shampoo … Continued