Bali, the two sites of an island and its pollution.

Bali, as we know it, is a famous destination for travellers from all around the world. The tourists are a wide variety from surfers to backpackers or families who choose Bali as a holiday destination. Through its perfect climate its the perfect destination to spend your holiday right on the beach and use the ocean for a refreshing swim.

Dreamland beach

Max Conrads and his girlfriend is currently in Bali, Indonesia right now where they didn’t expect the islands beaches to be so full of trash and garbage!

”Many beaches in Bali, and also the ocean are dirty and filled with plastic and other trash. Since Bali is very crowed the level of pollution raises extremely, but not only the tourists pollute the beaches and ocean. Many locals and tourists on Bali treat the nature with almost no respect by throwing their plastic bottles, bags or other plastic packaging right on the beach or straight into the ocean.


Bali got many rivers and as we were travelling around we were shocked that almost all of them are completly full of trash. It looks like everybody is littering right in to the rivers. All the rubbish, which stucks in the small rivers form a barrage and cut off the water flow. As the rain season drops in all the rivers start to flush and transport all the garbage right into the ocean. This means, that the pollution of the ocean happens not just actively by throwing trash straight into the ocean its also a passive happening. But thats just a small slice of all the pollution happening everyday.

A big part is also forced by the tourists. Since there is so many tourists coming to Bali every year, people are keeping on buying more, which automaticly result in producing more. As we know the waste disposal in Bali is not really developed, most of them just dont know where to put all the litter. I saw it many times, that people just leave all their trash behind on the beach and as the high tide comes, all the litter flushs into the ocean.”


”We as Tourists need to stop this. We got the choice to keep the ocean alive or to keep on killing it. Recapitulatory we can say, that the ocean around Bali is dying from all the litter and only a few people are trying to fight against it. Surf schools and dive schools were so far the only people, who are trying to fight against the pollution. A few of them are doing beach clean ups and others a providing bins and putting signs up saying „ trash here not on the beach“


When you travel, learn more about the current environmental issues in the places you are visiting. As a tourist you should be knowledgeable about your destination, seek awareness of the impact that your presence has on the local population, the environment, beaches, mountains, wetlands, desert, etc. and attempt to minimize negative impacts!


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