One way to adress the problem of the ocean plastic is to recycle it into something else!

Let us not turn a blind eye and pretend that the destruction of our eco-system is not taking place! The thing is that we don’t have to give up the comforts of our life to make a huge difference!

I was googeling bikinis for the summer season the other day, and I came over these Eco- bikinis!
(Eco-bikinis are often made from soy, organic cotton, bambo and  other natural fibers which all promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. )

Sustainable design may not be synonymous with the fashion industry  but I must say that many these garbage trash are quite classy and exotic if you ask me.. 😉


These bikinis below are made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets! Some of them are also hand- finished, accessorized with beautiful stones and bamboo.



We should create more fashion with a conscience to the environment!

Here are some links that sell Eco- bikinis:

For example Odina Surf, that was founded in 2010, have swimsuits that are highly – functional and very fashinoable. They uses recycled nylon and organic cotton tags, and the company worked with surfers, not models, to gather feedback on their suits’ fit and function.


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